Vendrosai Paendras

Half-elf High Priest of Pelor, in the city of Vorae. First patron of the PCs.


Vendrosai Paendras is the last heir of the noble Paendras family. His only living relative is his cousin, <name>. He looks older than his 50 years, with bags under his eyes and a lot of grey into his brown hair. He is of medium build, and has green eyes. He usually wears the white garbs of the High Priest of Pelor, with a gold radiant sun holy symbol.

Family history

The Paendras have been rich and powerful since the early beginnings of Vorae. They own their fortune mainly to commerce, with the East (Free Cities), the West (City-Port of Halmoor), and the North (Elves living in the Forest). They have always enjoyed a friendly relationship with the elves, because they are distantly related to them.

Since Vorae is an oligarchy based on census, members of the Paendras family also filled important roles, from Major, to Judge, to High Priest. They basically struggled for the control of Vorae with the only other family powerful enough to challenge them, the humans of House Dekunn.

Fall and redemption


Vendrosai Paendras

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