The Walking Shadow

Undead ruler of the Evernight Pass, he is constantly surrounded by shadows.


The Walking Shadow used to terrorize the barbarian tribes that live around the Evernight Pass. Over his keep, it was always night. It used to go out in the night, hunting orcs and minotaurs, as the torches in his castle burned with a green flame.

The PCs faced him in the Forest around Vor Kragal, and inside the city itself. The first time it was forced to retreat due to the Heart of Xarzath; the second time, the PCs entered the Black Tower safely, and he could not reach them. Jorhara Barikdral claimed to know him, as one of the former inhabitants of Vor Kragal, some sort of noble magic user named Eligor Shadowgale.

Now, his castle has been completely destroyed, and his whereabouts are unknown. He might have been eliminated.


The Walking Shadow

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