The Fey Lord

Not very tall, with fine traits and long blue-gray hair. An incredible aura of power surrounds him.


The “Fey Lord” is a glorious warrior, banished from the Feywild to The World for the crime of protecting an enemy of the Fey. When a lamia devoured his lover Nairi, a new lamia was created with all the of Nairi’s memories. The “Fey Lord” thus decided to protect the newborn lamia, and brought his reasons to the Star Council. The new lamia was spared, but they were both banished to The World.

Life in the Feywild

The “Fey Lord” is mostly renown for having defeated and destroyed an Ice Devil, Xarzath, that opened a portal between the Nine Hells and the Feywild. To celebrate his victory, powerful wizards created an item of immense power from the heart of the slain Devil, and named the artifact “The Hearth of Xarzath”.

Life in The World

Arrived in The World, the “Fey Lord” guided the human inhabitants of the desert of Kal to drive back their ancestral Gnoll enemies. He managed to unify the human tribes and create a kingdom that still stands today, the Kingdom of Kal.

After decades he ordered a huge pyramid to be built; he retired inside it and disappeared.

The Fey Lord

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