Half-elf, scoundrel captain of the West Wind.


Menderal is from the city-port of Halmoor, and he is the captain of a small ship called West Wind. A passionate gambler, he was hired by the PCs to transport them to the Island of Mists. After a series of adventures, he was hired again to deliver the PCs to Qumado, a port in the Southern kingdom of Kal.

He recently gained a small fortune in pearls, trading back the corpse of a Shauagin noble that the PCs killed; but on the other hand, his ship has been burned by a demon. Weird things happen when you travel with the Player Characters :-)

The last time, he was seen in Qumado, a port in the Kingdom of Kal, trying to buy his way back to Halmoor, preferably on a new ship.


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