Jorhara Barikdral

Unnaturally tall Tiefling female. White skin, extra phalanx in each finger. Clearly undead.


Jorhara is probably the only survivor of the once powerful House Barikdral. She is a lich, at least 500 years old. During the Empire of Bael Turath, she was the head of the House of necromancers, that also sired a few Emperors.

During the war against Arkhosia, her whole clan was destroyed, and she was sealed inside the Black Tower, the ancestral house of the Barikdrals. The Tower is built with dragon bones and powerful magic, and it was able at least to safeguard the existence of Jorhara until now.

The Black Tower is able to teleport, and has a few internal magic defenses.

The PCs freed Jorhara in exchange for a “lift” to Vorae inside the Tower. Jorhara stated she might not be completely sane, as the undead tend to lose their mind as time goes by; however, she seemed still fine, as she disappeared with the Tower, with the objective to find if some other Barikdrals have survived the end of the Empire.

Jorhara Barikdral

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