Darlenas La Maille

Tall, lean 30-something human male, with black hair, black eyes and a black beard.


Darlenas started as a power-hungry wizard, cultist of Asmodeus, and he tried to infiltrate the nobility of Vorae with the creed of the Devil Prince. His cult was eventually exposed, and he barely avoided being captured: he had to flee leaving behind the Sacred Book of Asmodeus.

After failing in the eyes of his Lord, he hid in the city of Vorae for a while, but was found by some of his former cultists, turned into Ghouls, and coerced into helping them. He bargained with the PCs, exchanging information with a free leave from the city.

After risking his life several times and losing the support of the Devil Prince, he apparently repented and left his past behind.

When Vorae was conquered by the warlord Drakan, he allegedly helped the internal resistance with his magical powers.

Darlenas La Maille

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